When a friend of mine introduced me to Kaggle, my first thought was "This is exactly what I've been looking for!" Kaggle is a playground for data scientist. The site hosts both tutorials and competitions for analytical professionals, and has a system for ranking users. On their profiles, users can list their skills with languages, packages, and analytical methodologies, as well as where they live. I thought it'd be interesting to see some of the stats of the top performing data scientists, so I scraped data on the top 1000 Kaggle users.

One of my co-workers thought it’s interesting just how prominent Python is. One reason for it might be that Kaggle tends to attract people from a computer science background, who would be more comfortable with Python over something like R or SAS. When I first saw this stat I decided to switch over to using Python as my de facto tool instead of R. It’s been several months now and I’m really enjoying expanded versatility and improved performance it provides.