The Weather of My Life

The following graphs depict the daily weather for the first 30 years of my life.

To collect the data, I recorded the time frames for each place I’ve lived and then used Python’s BeautifulSoup package to scrape the weather for each zip code and date from I created the initial graphs in R's ggplot2 package and then touched them up with Adobe Illustrator.

Is the data exact? No. Some of my moving dates were estimates, and I didn't account for vacations or trips to other locations. I also dropped leap days because they generated white space in some of the graphs. Overall though, I think these graphs give a good summary of the weather I’ve experienced and how it has changed from one location to another.

One of the things I like about this scatter plot is that it shows how much variance I've had in my winter weather. This is due to the warm winters I had in California in contrast with the frigid ones I experienced growing up in Idaho.

In addition to temperatures, also provided precipitation and wind speed measurements. I wouldn't have guessed that the highest gust speed I've lived through was 105 mph.

In this graph, every trapezoid is a day of my life and the color corresponds to the temperature for that day (darker is colder and lighter is hotter). Each ring represents an entire year.

It's really easy to pick out the two times I lived in California. These are the two sets of lighter colored rings.